3 Ways to Help Your Children Understand Giving During The Holidays

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Teaching your children to understand that the holidays is about giving vs. receiving can be a challenge for any parent. Our children have been conditioned since a young age to expect gifts throughout the holiday season. Now that they have learned to accept graciously with a smile and a thank you, how do we teach them that giving is just as important as receiving? Here are a few tips that may help and provide you with a teaching opportunity for your child.

Understanding Need
With any lesson, there needs to be an understanding of need or importance. How is this lesson applicable to me and why should I act upon it? Children of all ages understand hunger, warmth and comfort. Have a conversation in the moment.

  • Hunger: When your child is hungry, have them describe how it feels physically and discuss what it is like for other children to go hungry.
  • Warmth: On a cold day, remind them of the importance of a warm coat, mittens or boots.
  • Comfort: Have your child reflect the things that bring them comfort such as a warm blanket, a pet or a home then discuss how some people do not have a home or a warm blanket to sleep with at night.

Choose a Charity Together
Once your child understands the need, ask them to choose a charity and discuss the importance of their service and how their efforts make an impact.

  • Giving Trees: Be sure to involve your child throughout the entire giving process. Have your child choose the name off the tree and have them tell you why they chose that child. Invite them to shop with you for the donation, wrap it and deliver it.
  • Volunteer: Choose a day that you team up to help your cause. Make it a special day by starting off the day in a different way. Throughout the day, continually discuss how their actions are changing lives and provide positive feedback.

Reflection and Thanks
After you and your child have completed your giving efforts together, revisit the needs above and talk about how your child helped the particular charity and made an impact on another person’s life. Then have your child give thanks for the things in their life that they are grateful for that others may not have. This exercise will help them realize the the needs of others and the importance of giving vs. receiving.

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