Giving the Gift that Keeps Kids Growing this #GivingTuesday

The holidays are upon us! In addition to planning our holiday parties, meals and mailings, millions of us are also thinking about how to give back and donate our time and money to those in need. The holiday giving season feels like a fabric of our American culture, and this is the beauty of Giving Tuesday.

On November 27, in the midst of our holiday shopping, a cultural phenomenon in and of itself, we are reminding ourselves and each other that the holiday season is about more than just finding the perfect present, but about giving back and doing good.

And this is why we at Future Fortified are proud to be a part of Giving Tuesday. As many of us gather with family and friends to share delicious meals prepared with love, we are grateful for those who also want to help other families who aren’t as fortunate.

Nearly one billion people around the world go hungry every night and another 2 billion lack the simple, but essential nutrients they need to lead healthy, productive lives. And unfortunately, poor nutrition is the underlying cause of 1 in 3 childhood deaths worldwide.

Poor nutrition is an urgent issue because when children don’t get the vitamins and minerals they need before they turn two, the damage is irreversible. Good nutrition is essential to enable children to live, learn and grow.  And we have simple, lasting solutions – like home nutrition packets that make it easy for moms to sprinkle vitamins and minerals onto their children’s meals, nourishing them for only pennies a day.

This holiday season, we can help put nutrition on the table for children around the world. And through Future Fortified, we have really fun, easy ways to do so – including through our holiday store. Find the perfect gift for your family and do good, as 100% of proceeds will go toward improving nutrition for children in Bangladesh, where malnutrition rates are among the highest in the world. It costs just $10 to provide five children in Bangladesh with home nutrition packets for the next six months.

This Giving Tuesday we can continue to give more children the chance to grow and become our future leaders, doctors, teachers, and caregivers. This helps create a healthier world and fortified future for all of us. Join us!

Adrianna Logalbo built Future Fortified from the ground-up, joining the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in 2011 with the goal of building a dedicated community of supporters for global nutrition.

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