#GivingTuesday Google+ Hangout #3

We spent Tuesday’s Hangout chatting about getting the family involved in giving back.

Our all-star cast was comprised of: Beth Teitelman, director of scholarship services at the 92nd Street Y; Emily McKhann, co-founder of The Motherhood; Morra Aarons-Mele, founder of Women Online and The Mission List; and Chrysula Winegar, #GivingTuesdaycommunications project lead and community manager for the Million Moms Challenge. And the Hangout was produced by me, your humble social media gal ;)

For your viewing pleasure, here is the video of the chat:

Here are some highlights from the discussion:

  • Emily flagged results from a recent survey by The Motherhood. One finding: 86% of mom and dad bloggers who responded to the survey said giving is important to their families.
  • Involve your young kids by doing projects that are on their level and age appropriate, such as baking cookies etc.
  • Beth advised looking for organizations who have already done the homework on how to engage children. “If it’s not in your community, start it, replicate it, build it,” she said.
  • Giving at different levels — philanthropy isn’t only for the rich!
  • #GivingTuesday is not just about one day. Yes, it’s a kick-off for the giving season, but it should be about so much more than giving once a year.

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