#GivingTuesday Partner Spotlight: Groupon

Image via Flickr user Tilemahos E.

Wondering how some organizations are embracing the #GivingTuesday movement and getting involved? In this post, Patty Huber Morrissey, Manager, Groupon Grassroots of Groupon, explains what they’re doing for #GivingTuesday and how they’re doing it, too.

Why did Groupon decide to become a #GivingTuesday partner?

We heard about #GivingTuesday through an introduction by Matthew Bishop of The Economist. I was invited to a meeting in New York on Friday and hopped on a plane from Chicago the following Monday because the concept was compelling and the partners involved could actually make it happen. It’s exciting to join a movement and be a part of something where people are putting their individual agendas aside to focus on the greater good and a collective movement.

Shortly after this meet-up at Mashable’s office in New York, we hosted a similar meeting at the Groupon Headquarters here in Chicago with Midwestern influencers in philanthropy, media, and business.

What is Groupon planning for #GivingTuesday?

We are committed to launching a collection of pro-bono Groupon Grassroots fundraising campaigns on the Groupon website that will be featured with a custom URL – groupon.com/givingtuesday. We are currently accepting applications from national non-profits and social ventures to be featured in our holiday giving campaigns.

We will promote #GivingTuesday with a series of blog posts on the Groupon Grassroots website and through Groupon’s various social media channels – highlighting our efforts and those of the greater community around #GivingTuesday.

Additionally, we will continue to spread the word to influencers who can contribute to the movement.

What are you doing to get your customers involved in this initiative?

The collection of #GivingTuesday Groupon Grassroots campaigns will be advertised to our millions of active users through the Groupon website. We’ll leverage our best assets – our platform, our creative talent, and our huge subscriber base to make it easy for people to participate in #GivingTuesday with a simple click of the “Buy” button. We’ve already activated over 150,000 supporters and “sold out” offers benefitting partners such as DonorsChoose.org, Feeding America, Project Repat and others, so we know it will be a big hit!

Over the next few weeks, we’re looking forward to announcing who our featured non-profit partners will be!