#GivingTuesday Partner Spotlight: Sapphire Kharyzma

Wondering how some organizations are embracing the #GivingTuesday movement and getting involved? In this post, Sapphire Kharyzma, explains what she is doing for #GivingTuesday and how she is doing it, too.

The weather outside — will soon get frightful, but GIVING BACK…is oh, so delightful! As a Global Team of 200 & Mom Blogger for Social Good Ambassador– I often find myself floating on cloud 9! It brings a deep sense of satisfaction — whenever I am using my unique collective of quintessential talents and skill, to help bring awareness to the harsh and unbalanced “realities” — of the world we live in! My family and I, will indeed be celebrating #GivingTuesday, this November 27, 2012! So far — I’ve partnered with #GivingTuesday, United Way –  as well as other invaluable nonprofits — to continue my coalition to bring social change to the forefront! But I am not alone…as my lovely triad (Jazz, age 17, Starr, age 16 & Ayden, age 21 months) will join me on the front line — as we battle injustice and poverty — worldwide!

As the many requests — continue to pour in, we continue to formulate creative campaign to help deliver our efforts to the people! My junior ambassadors are working with their high school and day care — in hopes of going from local to global! We are very excited to be partner with #GivingTuesday — even donating 20% (for the holiday season) of our income and allowance to fund causes! Our favorite charities have welcomed us with open arms, and thanks to beautiful people like Jennifer James and the amazing members of Global Team of 200 & Mom Bloggers for Social Good — we are far from alone! Since I was a little girl, I can remember my passion for helping others! Today — I am committed to living my life and career — with this goal in mind! Being a blogger/editor has allowed me to tap into many resources — that once seemed impossible before!

I make it my business, to donate clothes, money and other vital supplies — to the less fortunate! I devote my time and energy — to raising awareness and fund raising, or to even volunteer my expertise to help EMPOWER, entertain and educate! As a woman — a divine maker and shaper of life — I aspire to motive and inspire! Giving doesn’t have to have an expensive price tag attached, and personally — I view negativity as an excuse for ignorance! Giving — simply means — to DO something that might mean a little to you personally, but is PRICELESS to someone else!

I hope that you are encouraged to go the extra mile — for someone less fortunate than yourself, or even to cheer up a fellow friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker (your fellow human) — turning a faithless frown — into a hopeful smile!

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